Time for a break…

30 Mar

“Fracaso” will be inactive for a while.

But is not definitive. We’ll back someday.

We decided to take a break: An hiatus.

Due to some personal issues, we’ve just decide to stop to release new stuff.

Thanks to all of the amazing people who was with us during this last months, it was an awesome experience to share music, ideas and passion with all those friends.

Take Care, but enjoy life.

See you soon!

Alejandro Remeseiro (Fracaso headmaster)


“Fracaso”  estará inactivo durante una temporada.

Pero no es algo definitivo. Volveremos algún día.

Hemos decidido hacer un descanso.

Debido a algunos asuntos personales, hemos decidido no publicar nuevo material por el momento.

Gracias a toda la magnífica gente que ha colaborado con nosotros en los últimos meses, ha sidouna experiencia impresionante el compartir ideas, música y tanta pasión con todos esos amigos.

Cuidaos, pero disfrutad la vida.

¡Nos veremos pronto!.

Alejandro Remeseiro



NEW RELEASE!! Fracaso 006: Mailu “Free”

28 Feb

Mailu es un individuo de Pamplona al que siempre le ha gustado toda la música independientemente de las modas.

” Me gusta la libertad , FREE es un album de música libre: Libre de pago porque es gratuita y libre en estilo porque creo que hay que desarrollar las ideas como vengan sin buscar recompensa comercial ni objetivo conceptual. Mi música es solo musica. Expresa muchas cosas personales mías , a diferencia de la música vocal con letras, puede sonar alegre aunque yo me sienta triste,rápida si estoy tranquilo , normalmente la canción busca lo que yo necesitaba oir cuando la hacía.Ahora estas canciones son tuyas, lo que te sugiera es para ti yo solo espero que te guste”.

Puedes escuchar éste album aquí

NEW RELEASE: Fracaso005: Morkebla “Omicron Rainbow EP”

21 Nov

After several months of hiatus, Fracaso is back   to present a new release: “Omicron Rainbow” a great EP of 3 songs.

In  “Omicron Rainbow EP” the Italian artist Alberto Rosso (aka Morkebla) offers us three awesome tracks that stand out for their high quality and excellent sound. Upon hearing “Omicron Rainbow” by Morkebla, the listener is transported to a distant and mysterious world, where the beats blend with organic sounds and rhythm tells a beautiful story, and at the same time, a little disturbing.

This new release is one of the best work we published in our net-label to date: Fresh, elegant, different, and with a production quality that spurs the listener to know a completely essential artist netaudio the scene today.


Morkebla “Omicron Rainbow”.

NEW RELEASE: Fracaso004: Jeremy Gluck and Michael Dent “Div Joyrevision” (Matt Ellis Mixes)

23 Aug
Fracaso is proud to announce our fourth release. In this case Jeremy Gluck and Michael Dent offer to the audience 5 tracks of mixes of Matt Ellis Works.
But let them, the artists, explain to us how this project came into light:
“I first met Matt Ellis about six years ago. At that time he was just a local guitarist to me; a few years later he was in a local band, The Death of Chapman Baxter, and he was one of the best guitarists I had ever seen play, an unholy concoction of Zappa, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, and too many more to name. Next, I wanted a bandagain, and Chapman Baxter came aboard to back me; Matt continued to play guitar that in a better world would be heard by thousands.
The band broke up but Matt and I kept in touch.My compulsion for collaborative remixing led me to invite himto tackle material from my album with Toronto poet Michael Dent, Div Joyvision, formed of samples from all over, Michael’s words, loops from Tapegerm artists such as Mental Anguish, C System and Heuristics, and my mixes.
To sweeten things I threw in Everlove,a track based on a loop by American DJ king Dub Gabriel. Very fast, mindlessly and with perfect awareness, Matt spat out a neat pile of mixes. His style is a rapid-fire, free-associative assault; there is skill and scary intuition, loose, layered and occasionally lazy stuff happening. It’s surprising, weird, drugged and slyly intense. I’ve always been lucky in finding solid talent to work with; Matt Ellis is noexception.
Let his imagination mired in these mixes submerge you. Morning can wait.” (Jeremy Gluck)
5 brilliant tracks with excellent vibes: A journey into pure sound, IDM style, and awesome remixes.
Enjoy this release here!.

“Wafting Lounge Sounds” the first release of “Project? Moone Jazzers”

25 Jul

After five months without new releases, Fracaso is proud to present the first release of  “Project? Moone Jazzers” a solo experimental proeject from David Andreas Yorkson. He send us a couple of demos and we were shocked for his talent. A young man a his music completely alone without affectation or an pedantic approach to experimentalism: Just raw, pure music. Andreas has recorded “Wafting Lounge Sounds” inspiring himself in the summer time and the Mediterranean Sea.

Listening “Wafting Lounge Sounds” you can discover the strange sound of a young talent musician: As if this were an eternal rehearsal , where the musician, almost “naked”, and completely free, share with us his hope, his fears, his joy, and the stories that are accompaning his music.

An  strange release, surprising… touching.

Download and listen for FREE clicking on the image, or here.

NEW RELEASE!! “Pop Deaf” by Zoomonk

13 Mar

After one month of being almost absent, here is our new release.

“Pop Deaf” is an awesome release of 5 tracks by Zoomonk, a two man band from Finland. They shows us in this release a very original sound: A perfect mixing of psychedelic music, influenced by the art-rock of the eighties.

A vibrant release, with a raw and honest sound that takes us to new landscapes imagined by Petri and Tommi.

Some fresh releases coming soon.

2 Feb

New releases coming soon this february: “Pop Deaf” by Zoomonk (fracaso002), and “Buddha Peace Noize” by Dao De Noize (gavriloprincip001). Stay tuned!!

Fracaso goes wereable (again)

15 Jan

Yep. Again: We’ve just signed to Spreadshirt, so you can find our desings also here, but in colorfull version and high quality print 🙂


Fracaso goes wearable

11 Jan

We’ve just create some t-shirt desings for Fracaso lovers and friends. You can found our shop here.

Cloverleafs – “Banging It” (fracaso001)

27 Dec















Finally ¨Banging It” is here!!  Two awesome tracks by cloverleafs full of catchy rhythms and deep groves.

Let yourself being captivated by the elegant sounds of cloverleafs!!.

01 – “Banging It” (The original one mix) 8:59

02 -“Banging It” (Remix for the gulls) 6:18

Available for download at archive.org

Complete artwork here.

Thanks a lot to Grigoris and George for this awesome mixes.

Merry Xmas and a Happy 2011 to all!!